-- “I love this product. It is a little powerful for me so I only need ½ a scoop to complete my workout.”

-- “Wow, I get the tingles every time I take it. It keeps me going through my entire workout”

-- “I take my MUD, crank my music, and then stay out of my way.Lol”

-- “Symbolic Muscle’s Hydro keeps me hydrated and I’m not near as soar after my workouts.”

-- “I love the ways this BCAA tastes especially the new cotton candy”

-- “I drink this BCAA to help with my recovery after my workouts. I especially like the B12 ingredient included to help with my energy level.”

-- “Finally a BCAA that’s clean and smooth with no after-taste. I love it. Thanks Symbolic!”

-- “This fat burner is super powerful but perfect for me. I love how focused I am after my Eradicate in the morning.”

-- “This fat burner keeps me going all day”

-- “I feel and look like the Incredible Hulk after working out with my MUD pre-workout.”

-- “Eradicate helps keep my appetite under control and I feel great!”

-- “This has got to be the best pre workout I’ve ever taken. Gives you the pump & focus you need in the gym. Time to get Dangerous in the gym!!!”

-- “My one and only best pre-workout I use…..Got to have my MUD!!!!”

-- “Setting new records and moving forward. Progress is key, let nothing stop you from obtaining it. My best lifts so far since after my back surgery! Powered by MUD!!!”

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